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NIGHTMARES _ 01 A by fishbone76

Let’s have a look into one of Shepard’s regular nightmares post ME3 :

how do you run away from things that are in your head?

She keeps dying. She keeps dying over and over again. I never reach her in time. Never able to save her from getting shot, eaten alive, put on a dragons teeth, turning into a husk… the list goes on.
At the time I reach her she’s already dead, throat ripped open, her intestines falling out, crushed under a giant Reaper’s foot, turned into a husk attacking me…. the list goes on.
Her face, the way her dead eyes look at me and the whispering coming from everywhere “You failed!” makes me throw up everytime before I cradle her in my arms and start crying.
Husks, Banshee’s, Cannibal’s coming closer, dragging me away from her. At first I try to get free, getting back to her but her body is gone and then … I don’t care anymore. They rip me to shreds. I don’t feel any pain. Without her everything becomes meaningless.

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